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Dr. Eric’s Philosophy

Dr. Eric Fete believes that chronic inflammation and mitochondrial dysfunction are the primary causes of premature aging, loss of youthful appearance, and many degenerative diseases. All of these issues can lead to discomfort and trouble with your hormone levels. Dr. Eric Fete is a reputable professional in BHRT therapy near you, call today to get more information.

Through the right cell based holistic program we can take years off the clock and increase our energy and vitality!


Mitochondria are the microscopic structures inside our cells that are responsible for generating the energy needed for our bodies to function optimally. Research shows that treating the mitochondria with proper nutrition, specific nutraceuticals, and targeted hormone replenishment, can slow the aging process, optimize health, and restore vitality!


BHRT, also known as bioidenticle hormone replacement therapy, is the service that you have been looking for. It can help to regulate hormone levels in men and women who struggle with a hormone imbalance. When you choose to use BHRT as your route to improvement, you are receiving a hormone that resembles your natural hormones as closely as possible. This form of treatment can be administered in a couple different ways, such as pills, injections, and creams. If you are looking for BHRT therapy services near you, call PrimeX Cellular today. Dr. Eric Fete can help you to come up with a treatment plan to best suit your needs.


“I love Dr. Fete’s program! So much good information and great products all in one place. Definitely will be ordering again and again!”

Amy B. – Dublin, Ohio



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