Peptide Therapy

Dr. Eric uses safe and effective peptides that have powerful, life-changing effects. Peptide treatments are an excellent way for patients to increase their overall health, wellness and vitality. Peptide treatments are often administered as part of an overall age management plan that can be created for both men and women. They work amazing when combined with a customized hormone optimization and nutrition program!

So, what is a peptide? A peptide is a small chain of amino acids. Usually, a peptide is an amino acid structure with less than 50 amino acids and a protein has more than 50 (in general although there are exceptions). Peptides are used in your body to send signals, communicate and turn on/off biological processes. When we talk about peptide therapy we are referring to using peptides that are either the same or very similar to our body’s own natural occurring peptides to achieve a result or improve body function.

As we age and experience various changes in diet, stress levels, and lifestyle, the production of some essential amino acids and peptides decreases. If you aren’t absorbing or making enough of these amino acids, your production of that hormone will be lowered. For example, as we age levels of growth hormone decrease There are several amino acids that are necessary to produce such hormones.

Those of us interested in health and fitness are looking to counteract the lower levels of these essential amino acids and peptides in order to maximize our body’s ability to both recover and perform at an optimal level.

Peptide treatments are becoming more common among individuals looking to improve their health. After a consultation, your medical provider will determine the specific peptide or combination of peptides to achieve your specific goals.

Below are some examples of some that we use:

  • Thymosin Alpha 1

  • Thymosin Beta 4

  • BPC 157

  • CJC-1295

  • Tesamorelin

  • Ipamorelin

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